A Charity’s Library in Hebron Illuminates the Path to Progress

Founded in 1980 and offering a complete academic and social education programme to children between the ages of three and 17, the Blind Charitable Society in Hebron.

An award-winning charity, the Palestinian entity sets considerable focus on thinking ahead when it comes to knowledge development, not only for the visually impaired and blind, but for the community as a whole. Correspondingly an all-inclusive library has become central in its strategy to develop life skills and ease social integration and placement of higher education graduates into the workforce.

Hence, in response to such effort and ambition, and in its ability to deliver a wide range of accessible books, Kalimat Foundation donated near 1,800 titles in March 2021 to the Hebron institution. Publishing formats constituted digital audio, traditional braille and large print – commended by the Palestinian charity for its clear lettering, colours and spacing.

Noor Ashraf, in a review of a book named Majd’s Box, expresses its central theme – the social value gained in being a good human. The story he confidently states, “tells us that in taking on responsibility, assisting others and looking for all possible ways to help, it leads us to plant a deeply felt happiness. The world then becomes a better, more just place.”

Yousef Abu Dawood holds his braille copy of “Falfoosh Lost his Memory”, touching the surface of the book’s pages with the fingertips of both hands as he talks, Yousef makes a candid summary where he says in relation to the once-haphazard protagonist “I learned [from the story] that it is better being late than sorry.”

Young Safa, speaks cheerfully as she recounts the story of “I Have an Appointment”. Centred on a visit to the dentist, she realized the importance of maintaining good hygiene and subsequently never needing to fear the dentist again.

In all their summaries, the children focus on the importance of being helpful, offering friendship, taking care of themselves or knowing how to put fear down. With the moral codes resonating from the narrations, and through the importance of sustaining a well-stocked library, the Blind Charitable Society in Hebron evidences foresight. Behind the structured programming is an objective to deliver into the world, confident, socially-adept, responsible adults unhampered by their disabilities. In developing enough acumen, the belief is they can reach a level of self-dependence, progress and achievement to place them on par with the best that equitable education allows.

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