Pledge a Library delivers to forcibly displaced children by providing compact libraries, each containing 100 Arabic language books.

With many becoming vulnerable as a result of their experiences facing war, violence, danger and resettlement; instability is often accompanied by limited access to literature. We have identified a role for us to play in this regard; that being to engage young minds in books, introduce themes that encourage social integration within new communities, and yet maintain a cultural attachment with their Arabic homelands.

Within libraries subjects and titles for age groups vary. Host countries and locations where distribution occurs are assessed on the basis of numbers of children served, their reading needs, and the utility of our contribution. As such Pledge a Library has donated to refugee camps, community centres, schools and universities, institutes, public libraries, hospitals and NGOs.

For details on countries, organisations, and the children that have benefitted from the Pledge a Library Initiative CLICK HERE
40% of the world’s 79.5 million forcibly displaced persons are below 18 years of age. Of both adult and child refugees, the highest population comes from Syria, documented at 6.6 million. (UNHCR 2020).

Due to the increasing number of Arab refugee children around the world and the large demand for books written in the Arabic language, Kalimat seeks to enable children to deliver books, educational materials and reading materials to as many children as possible.quote


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