Kalimat Foundation participates in Abu Dhabi Art Fair

Date Posted 27 Nov 2023

In a celebration of the intersection between art, Arabic language, and culture, Kalimat Foundation participated at the 15th annual Abu Dhabi Art Fair (Abu Dhabi Art), showcasing its merchandise line designed in collaboration with renowned Emirati artist, Mohammed Al Mansoori.
Visitors to Abu Dhabi Art offered enthusiastic support to Kalimat Foundation’s ‘Pledge a Library’ initiative, which is dedicated to providing displaced, refugee, and underprivileged children with compact libraries. Proceeds from the sales of the distinctive collection exhibited at the fair, goes entirely to taking these compact libraries, each stocked with 100 Arabic-language books, to more vulnerable children around the globe.

Al Mansoori, the ambassador of Kalimat Foundation, lent his artistic flair not only to the merchandise but also to the art fair’s visual campaign this year.

The participation in the Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2023 has reinforced Kalimat Foundation's unwavering commitment to promoting literature, culture and the Arabic language, particularly to vulnerable communities where the joys of the written word are inaccessible. The foundation strives to instill a love for reading amongst disadvantaged youth to inspire them with new possibilities, and empower them with lifelong tools for personal growth.

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