Kalimat Foundation shares expertise in providing learning resources for refugees

Date Posted 06 Nov 2023

Kalimat Foundation (KF) has participated as the Knowledge Expert in the “Tanween Mega Challenge: Design Solutions for Refugees” organised by the King Abdulaziz Global Cultural Center “Ithra” in Saudi Arabia. The event aimed to guide and direct innovators and creators participating in the challenge to offer solutions and ideas to improve the quality of life for refugees worldwide by providing sustainable knowledge and education resources.
The Tanween challenges serve as the flagship initiative of “Ithra”, the largest creativity platform in Saudi Arabia. They offer an ideal opportunity for emerging creatives and experienced professionals to collaborate with top experts in translating their concepts into executable programmes and initiatives. Part of the Tanween Challenges, the Tanween Mega Challenge comprises three key tracks, namely, education, food security, and energy.

Reem Jassem, Manager of Special Initiatives at Kalimat Foundation, in collaboration with Alia Al Rawashdeh, education in emergency expert in Jordan, supervised the participants in the education track, guiding them to develop and present effective and executable solutions that cater to the needs of refugee communities and displaced individuals in accessing knowledge resources, and achieving sustainable learning opportunities for children and the youth. This included promoting literacy efforts, social integration, and preserving Arab values and culture.

During the event, Reem outlined KF's “Pledge a Library” initiative, which delivers educational resources in Arabic language for refugee children worldwide. Since its launch, the initiative has provided 15,700 Arabic books, benefitting over 100,000 children across 22 host countries.
Commenting on the Foundation's participation in the challenge, Reem Jassem said, “Kalimat Foundation assists refugee communities in improving their quality of life and contributing to the development of communities by providing knowledge and learning resources for children and the youth through collaborations with leading international institutions. Our participation as knowledge experts in this challenge is aimed at sharing our successful experience in “Pledge a Library” initiative and enhancing our regional and global partnerships to pass on our know-how and support programmes that benefit refugees, and children in particular.”

The annual “Tanween Challenges” invites participants to address important issues in various fields, with each challenge including 20 participants showcasing their creative skills. Participants receive sufficient support and necessary resources to face the challenge head-on, through support from challenge partners and access to a comprehensive program of workshops and lectures, enabling them to successfully implement their innovative solutions.

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