Sharjah’s Kalimat Foundation provides books to benefit 3,000 children in Chad

Date Posted 05 Mar 2024

In a significant move to empower Arabic-speaking children in Chad, the Kalimat Foundation (KF), a UAE-based global non-profit organisation, has donated 600 books through six compact libraries as part of its ‘Pledge a Library’ initiative, bringing essential reading resources to over 3,000 children.

The donation, coordinated in partnership with the UAE’s embassy in N’Djamena, has been allocated to support three vital entities in Chad: the Iqraa campaign, the Al Muna Cultural Centre, and the Chad-China Friendship School.

The Kalimat Foundation, founded in Shajrah to advance literacy and uphold children’s rights to access books, particularly for vulnerable and visually disabled children, contributed one of the compact libraries during the inauguration of the Chad-China Friendship School in the presence of Rashid Al Shamsi, UAE Ambassador to the Republic of Chad, along with members of the diplomatic corps, the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Chad, the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Chad, local government officials, and media representatives.

Rashid Saeed Al Shamsi, UAE Ambassador to the Republic of Chad, expressed pleasure in participating in the ceremony, highlighting the close UAE-Chad relationship through Kalimat Foundation's "Pledge a Library" initiative. The global effort invests in human capital, fostering Arabic skills, cultural knowledge, and identity.

Through providing diverse books for various age groups, the Foundation continues to enhance its global contributions by providing books in the Arabic language to under-resourced children around the world.

This contribution underscores the foundation’s commitment to literacy and knowledge for the underprivileged, bringing the power of books to those in need.

Investing in human capital

Speaking on the occasion, Rashid Saeed Al Shamsi said: “I am pleased to take part in this ceremony that translates the close relationship between the UAE and Chad through Kalimat Foundation’s “Pledge a Library” pioneering initiative that was launched in several countries worldwide, and continuing to serve as an invaluable investment in human capital, which helps in the development of the skills of children who speak Arabic, and enhances their culture and knowledge of Arabic and Arab identity and opens new horizons for exploration, creativity and innovation. The initiative offers those kids the opportunity to express their ideas, emotions and ambitions, while encouraging them to participate actively in local and international community.

The donation, coordinated in partnership with the UAE’s embassy in N’Djamena, has been allocated to support three vital entities in Chad: the Iqraa campaign, the Al Muna Cultural Centre, and the Chad-China Friendship School.

“I would like to thank Kalimat Foundation for cooperating with the UAE embassy to implement this initiative and facilitate children’s access to books. I hope that this successful partnership between the two parties will continue in the future to develop and implement more joint projects that serve humanitarian and developmental causes. We look forward to seeing the positive results in the short and long term, as those books become Emirati seeds that contribute to growth and prosperity in Chad and the whole world, while bolstering the values of cultural and human communication in Arabic,”

Community Contributions

Amna Al Mazmi, Director of the Kalimat Foundation, said, “The growing number of disadvantaged children worldwide necessitates an increase in humanitarian efforts to ensure their access to knowledge in a language they understand. KF is deeply committed to this cause, believing firmly that it is the key to empowering future generations, and building societies capable of overcoming developmental challenges.”

She added, “Our initiatives, including those in Chad, reflect Sharjah’s vision of spreading knowledge and promoting Arabic literature. The joy and curiosity we see in children as they explore these books inspire us to strive for greater achievements, turning the Emirate’s commitment to cultural awareness and support for Arabic-speaking communities into a bright future for children worldwide.”

Leading Cultural and Scientific Centers

The Republic of Chad is experiencing a cultural renaissance, partly due to initiatives like the Iqra cultural campaign, which promotes reading and establishes libraries in Arabic schools, complemented by the organisation of the annual book fair coinciding with World Book Day.

Al Muna Cultural Centre, established in 1986, has played a significant role in fostering unity among Chadians, promoting individual expression through arts, music, and culture. While the Chad-China Friendship School exemplifies international cooperation through educating hundreds of Arabic-speaking students in the country.

Since its inception, the Pledge a Library initiative has provided life-changing Arabic language resources to over 100,000 children globally, especially those deprived of educational opportunities, distributing more than 16,300 books in partnership with 91 educational and charitable organisations across 23 countries.

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